Argentina – from RN22 to Rio Aluminé in 357 km

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The Holy Sun
The Holy Sun

Last week we flirted with the Cordillera; This week we are well, with a fresh breath that comes to refresh our nights.

Autumn feeling
Autumn feeling

🍂 fall
. we felt the first signs of autumn. It’s been a long time. The trees are transformed, the temperature drops and the morning dew salutes us.

⭐️ Andes cordillera.
it’s official! After more than 13 000 km, we finally touched the first mountains. We left Paris by bike to roll the eyes wide open towards these mountains as far as we could see. What a spectacle, what joy and what paradise! It’s like a realization. We know it’s going to go up strong, but the scenery is worth it. For the moment, we agree that the path is harder in a straight line monotonous than in the mountains. The adventure takes a new turn. We are immersed in a multitude of paradisiacal landscapes. 
We are a few kilometers from the Chilean border, but we decide to continue southwards to enjoy a path recommended by Michel: the route of the 7 Lakes.

🌲 Villa Pehuen
ia. after climbing our first mountains, with a particularly strong and cold wind, we spent a night at 1 600 m altitude, at Primeros Pinos. The day that followed was BREATHTAKING. The desert, the emptiness, the silence, an ideal temperature and those mountains that we saw in the distance. We know why we ride a bike. 
We arrived at Villa Pehuenia and slept in Villa Unión. A very cool night, the coldest of the adventure:-5 degrees. First Lake of the journey: the Aluminé Lago. good… It’s just a rare gem. Fir trees, steep slopes, small wooden houses and impressive Lake.

🚙 tour of the Alumin
é Lake. theoretically we had to take the South direction but we preferred to go around the Lake. We were not disappointed… Almost zero traffic compensates for the difficulty of the stone and sand terrain. Every turn: a Visual slap! The big flaw of photographers and videographers is to stop as soon as it’s worth it: we literally stopped every 200 m. A few minutes before settling down to bivouac, a man on horseback came to warn us that a rally of cars was taking place the next morning at 9:00 a.m. Alarm clock 6 hours to travel the remaining few kilometers and exit the rally track. We arrived at the starting line at 8 h 50!

Poor bike chain
Poor bike chain

🔧 break Guillaume. 
We finished the week in peace, along the only road to reach San Martín de Los Andes. The small repetitive climbs solicit our bikes, and the chain of Guillaume did not endure the power of his legs. Small breakage repaired in a few minutes in a breathtaking scenery. Even the adventures are pleasant in the Andes.

Description of the sta
ge: #168-RN22-Zapala-63 km-459 m altitude difference-biv
ouac # 169-Zapala-Primeros Pinos-53 km-856 m altitude difference-
bivouac # 170-Primeros Pinos-Villa Pehuenia-69 km-763 m elevation-bivouac
# 171-Villa Pehuenia-Villa Pehuenia-10 km-1 54 m altitude difference-bivo
uac # 172-Villa Pehuenia-Moquehue-33 km-427 m altitude difference-b
ivouac # 173-Moquehue-Río Pulmari-50 km-441 m elevation-bivouac #
174-Río Pulmari-Río Aluminé-81 km-591 m altitude difference-bivouac

Our Sun of the night
Our Sun of the night

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