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Chapitre Aventure Hey Bro

The « Hey Bro » association: Biking around the world.

Our adventure started in 1990, when the second brother was born. But it is in 2011, when we left for our first expedition, that it really took on a true meaning. It was our first trip accomplished with our own four legs. From Paris in France to Santiago in Spain, we cycled along the Way of St James. We have then travelled together around France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Swiss…
And tomorrow… all around the world.

We are Guillaume and Kevin! Hey Bro is our project that will take us, and you, all around the world, using this good old way of locomotion, ecological, economic, and after all so modern: bike.

HEY BRO – Cycling along the Way of St James, 2011

Chapitre Aventure Hey Bro

We will bike our way cameras in hand. A documentary and short length videos are to be made and broadcast on the Internet.
The goal is to fulfil our dream: a bike trip around the world, which we will share in video. In this context, we will also use our time, energy and
cinematography skills to work hand in hand with charity organisations met on the way.

Many encounters, various backgrounds and amazing landscapes are waiting for us.
3 Years of a great adventure, many countries and thousands of miles to add to our
We will start biking the Way of St James from Paris to Santiago, then we will head towards the Sahara, South American Pampas, the Andes Mountains, Colorado and the Great Plains of America to name a few. After riding along the Australian coast and the Himalayas, we will end the trip in Europe.

HEY BRO – Austria 2015

Guillaume Taurin - 1988

Guillaume is a project manager in automation and industrial computing. As a child, he was a scout, as his brother Kevin. He developed a taste for adventure, and learnt the values of mutual assistance and sharing. Most of the time, he has been traveling by bike: the EuroVelo 6, including the Loire section, the Veloscenic Cycle Route…
He contributed to many associative projects and enjoys rock climbing and running as a hobby.

Guillaume is the one with the map in his hand, finding a way to resolve any situation. He likes challenges as well as discovering original places.

Kevin Taurin - 1990

Kevin is a cameraman and video editor. He directed a documentary about a French ice-cream maker awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France visiting Morocco and China. He also worked for the Dakar Rally and took part in the 4L Trophy, a humanitarian rally that only student can join with Renault 4 cars.

Nowadays, he is focusing on a more ecological project. He has always interested in sports, such as athletics and martial arts, which he practiced.

Kevin has been holding a camera in his hand since he was 12. He is always up for adventure and new challenges. He will be the director of the Hey Bro documentary, hoping that he will arouse interest among the viewers.

45 countries and 50 000 miles

Of paths, trails, roads, mountains, plains, deserts, cities, villages… Motivated like never before, we will go and meet many civilizations and landscapes.
After biking mainly in Europe and experiencing truly amazing human stories, we
want to go further.
Our adventure will start on the roads of the Way of St James, which was our first trip together. But this time we won’t stop there!

HEY BRO – Biking on the Way of St James, 2011

Close to a 100% cycling trip

Our bikes are not amphibious, so we will need help from boats and planes to cross the oceans, depending on what we will find on the spot.

HEY BRO – Austria, 2015

Climate will set the tempo of our days

We will do our best to adapt, we are ready to ride through passes under the rain, fields in the blazing sun, cities covered by snow or foggy meadows.
Since a few years, we have been expanding our equipment list with precision, following other adventurers’ advices and our own experiences. We need both reliable and strong gear while being limited in terms of weight and
cost. It is not easy!

During years of travel, resting is important

At nightfall, we will have a tent as a home, sleeping bags as blankets and the ground as a mattress. Sometimes we will also stop in rest houses and inns. Or ask local people to help us find a roof under which we can have some rest. Let’s enjoy those feeling good moments all together.
Only one word to remember: adaptation! Like we’ve always done.

HEY BRO – Swiss, 2014

A trip around the world also means: 3 years away from family, friends, administrative concerns, mechanical problems, housing and security issues… We are 50 000 miles away from great rest! Good thing for guys like us looking for adventure.

This is the adventure we want to share.

HEY BRO – Swiss, 2014

This adventure will be captured in a 52 minutes documentary that will deal with several topics:

  • The realization of one’s dreams: going beyond one’s own limits, getting out of one’s comfort zone, learning to make sacrifices, set challenges and add a little spice to life.
  • Human encounters: meeting different civilizations, working for real with charity organisations…
  • Traveling by bike: the pros & cons of bicycle, which is athletic, ecological and convenient.

It will be broadcast on both French and foreign television, and screened during various festivals. It will be translated into English and Spanish.

Images are a perfect communication medium, a universal language. We will share all our adventure through them.

The Ice-cream Road – China, 2015

The Sherbet Road – Morocco, 2010

We chose the latest video equipment to fit the necessities of our journey. The lighter the better, but only if not lacking professional quality.
In order to provide the best multimedia content, we will take with us several 4K cameras, a laptop to edit the videos, stabilisation devices, and various microphones.

HEY BRO – France – Briare 2017

HEY BRO - Tour du monde à vélo - Itinéraire 2019

Countries to travel:


The travel route has been decided after reading feedbacks from other travelers, internet blogs, watching travel documentaries, and exchanging experiences with the globe-trotter association Aventure du Bout du Monde (Adventure at the World’s End).

We planned to bike around 50 miles a day, with a day off every 10 days. We established a precise schedule listing the regions we will pass through but the route can be adjusted depending on the weather. It is not a surprise; we will have to
keep going during seasons that are not always the best for travel…
That’s also part of the adventure!

HEY BRO – Budapest, Hungary, 2015

HEY BRO – Budapest, Hungary, 2015

It is easy to justify our means of transport for this trip.

Biking is good for health

It is a physical exercise like any other. Bike has no engine but the legs of the cyclist. Every road and every path is crossed at the pace of pedal strokes and every hill is training for thighs. Moreover, bike is accessible to anyone.

HEY BRO – Swiss, 2014

Biking is ecological

It is for us a way to travel without spoiling the environment. We can travel thousands of miles without any toxic gas emission. Cycling is our way to fight against global warming and other results of pollution.

As we are conscious that producing bikes is a tiny part of global pollution, we chose a local manufacture in order to avoid shipping and its consequences.

HEY BRO – Budapest 2015

Biking is economical

Considering our budget, the bikes are a huge expense but in the long term, we will save a lot of money. It is our bodies that will take us around the world. Bikes can be repaired quite easily. Our “home” is carried on our bikes. Our gear is suitable for travel and optimized for such an adventure. Weight, robustness, utility, nothing is left to chance.

Biking everywhere

… Almost everywhere! It’s a convenient way to travel because you can bike in various environments. It is a way to travel on your own and at your own pace. Bicycle rhythm gives time to admire the landscapes and share humanistic, social and multicultural values with local people. You can stop whenever and wherever you want.

You are free!

Hey Bro – The Way of St James, 2011

Communication is also part of the Hey Bro adventure. It’s an excellent way to transpose our trip on screens or on the web. May it inspire anyone who has a challenge, a dream or an idea to fulfill!

In order to promote the natural and cultural wealth of our planet and its inhabitants, ecological and economical ways to travel like cycling, we decided to produce a documentary (52min) and short videos (10min) to be published on the web every two months.

The documentary will be screened in various festivals and during conferences we will attend when we return. The short videos will be sent during the trip on our multimedia communication platforms, in order to share this beautiful journey with our community.

We will use professional shooting equipment to record and share our images.

The communication platforms we use:

Website – www.hey-bro.com You are here! 😉

   YouTube – Hey Bro

   Facebook – Hey Bro

   Instagram – HeyBroTrip

   Twitter – @HeyBroTrip


In order to provide the best experience for our audience, all the Hey Bro media contents will be available in HD on a Google Drive server (public or private depending on medias). We aim to share as much contents as we can.

The communication will be running throughout the adventure, on social networks, our website, and online video platforms. We will regularly communicate about our adventure so that you can all share our story.

Our travel philosophy is simple: exploring the world in an ecological and economical way. It is essential for us to prove that it is possible to travel and live an amazing journey even with a tight budget.

In order to reduce the cost of this trip, we will sleep in a tent and rely on a simple cooking gear to prepare both simple and nutritive meals. We will restrict as much as possible the use of public transports. Yes, we have to save money everywhere.

Estimated daily cost of 8€/day and per person.

Our budget is calculated in accordance to personal experiences and many feedbacks from previous adventurers. This budget is an rough projection, we are aware that the cost of life may differ from one country to another.


HEY BRO – Swiss, 2014

This budget is estimated for two adventurers.

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    BIKES: 7 000€

    Those bikes are built for a round-the-world trip, using solid and simple materials, in order to prevent mechanic failures.

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    EVERYDAY COSTS: 17 000€

    This part of the budget is including food and potential accommodations.

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    Our goal is to shoot high quality images. We use a whole professional shooting equipment that we completely master.

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    BIVOUAC: 2 000€

    Tent, camping stove, cooking gear, sleeping bags…

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    CLOTHING: 4 000€

    A set of cycling outfit for each season.

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    CROSSINGS: 8 000€

    Plane and boat tickets; visas.

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    HEALTH: 5 000€

    Several vaccines and international travel insurance.

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    Shipping (memory cards…), unexpected expenses…


Pour concrétiser ce voyage nous sommes à la recherche de sponsors et de partenaires.

Hey Bro est une association loi 1901 à but non lucratif; N°RNA : W451005171

We are offering different solutions for our sponsors and partners:

  • VISIBILITY for your brand on our bikes during the all trip. Your brand will appear on our pictures, web videos, documentary, social networks and website.
  • REQUEST for video content (landscapes, drone shoots…) related to the route of the adventurers. We can follow specific directions.
  • STOCK-SHOT PHOTO/VIDEO, royalty free images for your projects and platforms.
  • DIRECTION – SHOOTING – EDITING of pictures/videos to promote your brand/company near our route (restaurants, hostels…)
  • Gear donations

Above all, it is an opportunity to be a part of the production of a 52min documentary to be produced for three years, and which will travel too, once finished. Last but not least, you can help us to support other charity organisations from around the world.

We are open to any proposal!